Democratisering van Data: Het Kwadrantenmodel in Actie

Met de snelle ontwikkelingen in data-democratisering en AI wordt het integreren van privacy by design in de architectuur essentieel. Het moet niet langer worden gezien als een hindernis, maar eerder als een katalysator voor deze vooruitgang. Het kwadrantenmodel van Damhof biedt hierbij een leidraad.

Knowledge Graphs – pragmatische aanpak en best practices [English spoken]

This seminar explores the strategic implementation of Knowledge Graph initiatives within organizations, offering a comprehensive framework that blends cutting-edge techniques with real-world case studies. It equips participants with the crucial understanding needed to make informed decisions, optimize initiatives, and unlock the transformative potential of Knowledge Graphs in today’s data-driven landscape.

Data Products – From Design, to Build, to Publishing and Consumption [English spoken]

This half-day workshop looks at the development of data products in detail. It also looks at the strengths and weaknesses of data mesh implementation options for data product development. Which architecture is best to implement this? How do you co-ordinate multiple domain-oriented teams and use common data infrastructure software like Data Fabric to create high-quality, compliant, reusable, data products in a Data Mesh. Is there a methodology for creating data products? Also, how can you use a data marketplace to share and govern the sharing of data products?

Data Architecture Evolution and the Impact on Analytics

In 2023, key changes have emerged including much broader support for open table formats such as Apache Iceberg, Apache Hudi and Delta Lake in many other vendor data platforms. In addition, we have seen significant new milestones in extending the ISO SQL Standard to support new kinds of analytics in general purpose SQL. Also, AI has also advanced to work across any type of data.

The key question is what does this all mean for data management? What is the impact of this on analytical data platforms and what does it mean for customers? This session looks at this evolution and helps customers realise the potential of what’s now possible and how they can exploit it for competitive advantage.